First Post! - Profe's Español Homepage
Well I sure have had fun making this website!  I enjoy playing around on computers and the internet.  Hopefully this site is both informative and fun!  How am I doing so far? 
Mrs. Profe
2/16/2010 10:24:54

Way to go!!!

Dylan Bolten/Flecha
9/21/2010 08:15:16

Awsome job profe.YOU ROCK!!!!!

Joseph Terry
12/7/2010 14:30:11

dana.....dana.....dana....dana....dana...dana...dana..dana..dana.dana. ITS JOS'E HOLLA i think thats how u spell it?

Raquel D.
5/6/2011 12:42:05

Hey Profe! How's it going? Looks like this blog is really awesome and functional. Great job!

Rose Fraley
8/31/2011 01:15:41

Hi. My son had fun takeing your class last year.He would come home a tale me what he learn in your class. I have couisn that is married to a women that is spanish.But he dose not speke it. He dose know what she is saying. I kind of know what they say. But not all of it. My son you all know him by wally. But his frist name is Walter. He is hopeing to talk your class soon.
Rose Fraley his mother.

Noah Jeffries (mario p4)
1/8/2012 10:45:20

Hey profe. i know im not in middle school anymore but i felt like checking your page out. i miss the old days. the spanish teachers at hellgate arent as fun as you. buen trabajo en el... website. Adios!

1/13/2014 07:05:11

nice website profe(:


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